GE & AE Poetry

GE and AE students, post your poems on this page or send them to Mr. Leverett. Thank you for sharing your poetry with us and good luck to all.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

SIU CESL Student

Remember! Remember! Remember your last day in your country when you were leaving,
when the last sun started rising in the East,
when soft gray solar rays reached your house,
when the first cock crowed and swelled over your house, you woke up and summarized your purposes for your traveling to the U.S.

Joys and complaints were mixed about your departure.
You were leaving your family with the promise you'll come back with great degree.
You were waving hands to your sincere friends who agree or disagree.
However you felt, the plane withdrew you from your progenitors.
Whatever your relatives said, you turned your back to the earth of your ancestors.
When moving through the air, courage crossed your heart and you conquered the isolation and despair.
When approaching the destination, a great breath gave the last consolation.

After the plane moved you through the air above the sea and vegetation, it dropped you in SIU's hands where found immediately a new international family: CESL students.
From many different countries, they surround you with joy and love.
From now on, you belong to that family and you put on a new resplendent cloth.
Solidarity and good manners wrap you and worries are abolished.
Troubles and confusion which were dangling from you are pushed.
Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Benines, Saudi Arabian and so forth, all gather together and pick you up, care for you like an egg.

So, get free, relax and enjoy yourself.
Don't complain about your low level in English.
Just study hard with determination.
CESL guarantees you some interesting surprises.
Speak; write; read and listen to English, such are your preoccupations.
However your brain is, volunteer CESL teachers are still ready to rebuild it and find a place for: "Subjects, verbs and objects" so you could make good sentences whether speaking or writing.

Why are you complaining?
Your dream will be reality before another sun rises and another cock crows. So you'll get all the keys to open grammar's door, vocabulary's door, and orthography's door, and find easily anything you want for your good English.

Never give up because of your bad grade in class. Any time, tell yourself that "the Frog will get its target." Find a piece of chalk and try to draw a frog with target on your board. Believe in it and you'll win, win and always win.

-Georges R. N. nicknamed M.G., CESL AE2B